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This online portal is designated for the writing and publishing of living handbooks, especially in all the fields of life sciences where traditional books show a too great delay to the progressive research and development of treatment.
The living handbooks combine written information with all media available for illustration of research outcome and new treatments, e.g. videos, figures, sounds or graphics.

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Living Handbook of Perishable Food Supply Chains – Editions 2016-

Editor: Judith Kreyenschmidt (Germany)

The aim of this textbook is to present the combined interdisciplinary knowledge in the field of cold chain management in food supply chains.

This project is funded by the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft).

Soon accessible on books.publisso.de

Living Handbook of Urogenital Infections - Editions 2016-

Editors: Truls E Bjerklund Johansen (Norway), Florian ME Wagenlehner (Germany), Yong-Hyun Cho (Korea), Tetsuro Matsumoto (Japan), Daniel Shoskes (USA), John N Krieger (USA), Kurt G Naber (Germany)

The aim of this textbook is to present the updated international knowledge and views of urologists in collaboration with gynecologists, clinical microbiologists, and infectious diseases specialists .

Soon accessilbe on books.publisso.de

Living Textbook of Hand Surgery

Living Textbook of Hand Surgery is Open Access, freely available on the internet.
The aim of this textbook is to represent the collective knowledge and views of international hand surgeons.

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Online Lehrbuch der Medizinischen Psychologie und Medizinischen Soziologie

Herausgeber: Renate Deinzer, Olaf von dem Knesebeck

Dieses Open-Access-Lehrbuch liefert einen umfassenden und aktuellen Überblick über die Inhalte und das Prüfungswissen der Fächer Medizinische Psychologie und Medizinische Soziologie.

Soon accessible on books.publisso.de

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